TB in Prisons

Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Thomas Aquinas

As part of our partnership with the extraordinary LHL International (LHLI); one of the key indicator is to have a sustainable CSO in place. LHLI has employed several activities to help Paradiso grow as an organization from administrative to programmatic support (technical and financial) from 2006 up to present. One of the approaches encouraged by our partner organization LHLI were exchange visits between partners they are supporting which include countries such as Zambia, Tanzania, Sudan, Romania, and Russia. One of the exchange visits made in 2017 to Zambia where a partner organization; Community Health Education Program (CHEP) is implementing a project in prison called “in but free”. The visiting team learnt a lot from this visit on TB in prison which became the basis for our approach to the TB in prison program. In 2018, to bring context to what we learnt, we conducted a research at Zomba maximum prison entitled: Implementing a successful tuberculosis (TB) control program in prisons in Malawi: A case of Zomba Prison. Results of the research were disseminated among stakeholders and a way forward mapped. Based on the research, we piloted a project at Zomba maximum prison were peer educators were trained to disseminate TB information in the prisons, we conducted periodic mass screening, and capacity building of health workers.

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