TB in Prisons

As part of our collaboration with the remarkable LHL International (LHLI), the establishment of a sustainable Civil Society Organization (CSO) stands as a pivotal indicator. Since 2006, LHLI has been instrumental in supporting Paradiso's growth through various initiatives, encompassing administrative and programmatic assistance, both technically and financially, up to the present day. One of the strategies advocated by our partner, LHLI, involves facilitating exchange visits among supported partners, spanning countries such as Zambia, Tanzania, Sudan, Romania, and Russia.

In 2017, during a visit to Zambia, our team had the privilege of engaging with a partner organization, In But Free, which implements a projects in prisons. This visit proved invaluable as it provided insights into tuberculosis (TB) management within correctional facilities, subsequently shaping our approach to the TB in Prison program.

Building upon the knowledge gained, in 2018, we conducted research at Zomba Maximum Prison titled: "Implementing a Successful Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program in Prisons in Malawi: A Case Study of Zomba Prison." The findings of this research were disseminated among stakeholders, and a strategic roadmap was devised. In line with the research outcomes, we initiated a pilot project at Zomba Maximum Prison, training peer educators to disseminate TB information within the prison, conducting regular mass screenings, and enhancing the capacity of healthcare workers.

As we reflect on the journey thus far, we celebrate the significant strides made in combating TB within Malawi's prisons through collaborative efforts between our organization, LHLI, and partners within the Malawi Prison Service. These efforts have yielded tangible improvements in TB detection, treatment, and prevention.Ā  we are committed to fight TB in Zomba prison, aiming to strengthenĀ  TB control and address structural challenges within the prison system. currently we have plans to expand our services to other prison in Malawi.


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