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A well-informed/enlightened and supported community on TB, HIV/AIDS issues.


To provide people infected and affected by TB, HIV and AIDS the best services and information required for informed health-care seeking decisions through capacity building and collaboration with relevant stakeholders from a rights based perspective


1. Volunteerism
2. Discipline
3. Professionalism
4. Integrity
5. Inclusiveness and Diversity
6. Innovation

It is recognizing a problem in which you believe you can effect change. Ending Tuberculosis is not an unattainable mission; rather, it is the mission of our time. We are the ones who will put an end to the epidemic. Sitingawawo Kachingwe
Board Chairperson
Our commitment is to ensure that people with and affected by Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS have access to information and services using a rights-based approach. Bruce Matewere
Executive Director



We aim at advocating for rights of people infected and affected by TB and HIV/AIDS.



We raise awareness, screen. for TB, refer presumptive to the health facility, support patients. during treatment until they are cured. Our programs include: TB in Mines, TB in Prisons & Post TB Management



We create demand for HIV and AIDS services in the communities we serve, providing psycho-social counseling, support groups, EMTCT for pregnant mothers, nutritional support and school funds.

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