In Southern region mining sector, there is high threat of TB infection since it is a place where dust and labor intertwine. For miners and their families, TB claims lives and sow fear. Recognizing the urgent need for intervention, Paradiso TB Patients Trust launched the Tuberculosis in the Mines (TIMS) program in Phalombe district where two large scale mining companies namely Mkango is located and Neno where Zalewa mining company is located. This is a regional initiative aimed at combating the TB crisis specifically among mineworkers and their communities. The program was initiated to create a regionally coordinated response to TB and related illnesses affecting mineworkers, ex-mineworkers, their families and communities in Southern Africa. Ability to access pension funds, obtaining workers compensation for death, injury or illness contracted as a result of working conditions, particularly tuberculosis and silicosis, Human rights and gender barriers have been identified as main concerns to accessing treatment. Through a multifaceted approach, TIMS engages in outreach sessions, focus group discussions, and door-to-door visits to disseminate vital information, provide assistance, and offer support to those affected by TB in mining communities. These initiatives serve as catalysts for education and awareness, empowering community members to make informed decisions about their health and undergo testing. However, the work of TIMS extends beyond education and awareness. The program employs rigorous contact tracing methods to ensure no stone is left unturned in the fight against TB. By reaching out to affected families, TIMS provides crucial support and resources, including the provision of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for at-risk children. Despite its commendable efforts, the TIMS project faces significant challenges, particularly in locating scattered populations such as ex-miners. Yet, through the dedication of Paradiso’s volunteers and strategic collaborations with local leaders and health workers, TIMS employs innovative approaches such as community mapping to chart a course to even the most remote corners, ensuring that no individual is left behind in the fight against TB. Importantly, TIMS understands the value of accountability in its endeavors. Regular data verification visits are conducted to uphold the integrity of the program’s work, providing tangible evidence of the impact of the TIMS project in TB case finding. In conclusion, Paradiso’s Tuberculosis in the Mines program stands as a beacon of hope in the Southern region’s mining sector, offering vital support and resources to those affected by TB and spearheading initiatives to reduce infection rates and improve control measures. Through its unwavering dedication, innovative strategies, and commitment to accountability, TIMS is making significant strides in the fight against tuberculosis, ultimately saving lives and transforming communities.

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