Paradiso TB Patients Trust was Founded in 2000 with the mission to provide people infected and affected by TB, HIV and AIDS the best services and information required for informed health-care seeking decisions through capacity building and collaboration with relevant stakeholders from a rights based perspective. Paradiso faced numerous challenges in its early years. Limited resources and funding threatened its existence, until a beacon of hope emerged in the form of partnership with LHLI International. It all began in 2005 when, LHL International an organization that works in countries and areas where there is a high incidence of tuberculosis and where national health authorities and other actors face major challenges in controlling this disease. extended a helping hand to Paradiso. Recognizing the crucial work being done by Paradiso in the fight against tuberculosis, LHLI became donors, providing vital financial support that allowed Paradiso to operate and expand its reach. With the backing of LHLI, Paradiso was able to establish a stable organizational structure. No longer burdened by financial constraints, they could focus their efforts on their core mission of aiding TB patients. The partnership didn’t just end with financial assistance; LHLI also provided invaluable guidance and expertise, helping Paradiso streamline its operations and maximize its impact. One of the most significant contributions from LHLI was the provision of office space for Paradiso. Paradiso now had a dedicated office space equipped with all the necessary amenities. This newfound stability allowed Paradiso to better serve its community, providing a welcoming environment for TB patients and their families seeking assistance and support. But LHLI’s support went beyond just infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable team, they helped in capacity building programs for Paradiso such as workshops and trainings. LHLI gave educational opportunities to Paradiso staff in different levels (secondary and tertiary). This opportunity armed staff with newfound knowledge and expertise. Through this Paradiso was empowered to make an even greater impact in the fight against tuberculosis. Over the years, the partnership between Paradiso TB Patients Trust and LHLI International blossomed into a true collaboration built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to improving global health. Together, we became beacons warriors for TB patients, offering support, care, and compassion to those in need.

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