In 2019 Tuberculosis (TB) was a serious disease that affects a lot of people especially those with HIV, miners and kids in malawi.it has was noted that children with TB weren’t getting the help they needed. It was hard to find out if they had TB because they couldn’t give the right samples for tests. Also, some health workers didn’t have the right tools to check for TB in kids. This meant many children with TB weren’t getting the care they needed. Paradiso TB Patients Trust, with support from EGPAF, organized a special training for volunteers who worked in TB clubs that focused on TB in children in 2019. These volunteers learned all about childhood TB. They were taught how to spot the signs of TB in kids and send them to the right places for help. The training happened in Mchinji district over four days. Fifty-three volunteers took part in different health centers and hospitals. They learned about TB in kids, what causes it, how to test for it, and how to treat it. They also learned about things like vaccines and how TB affects children with HIV. During the training, everyone worked together. They talked about TB, shared ideas, and learned from each other. The volunteers were excited to take their new knowledge back to their communities and help more children get the care they needed. After the training, there were some good things that happened. The volunteers were ready to help, and the district TB office supported them. People were happy to learn and promised to help the project. But there were also some challenges. There wasn’t enough money to train all the volunteers they wanted to, and some people hoped for more help like rain gear because of the rainy season. In the end, everyone agreed that the training was important. It was the first time many of them learned specifically about childhood TB. They knew they had a big job ahead, but they were ready to do it. The volunteers and the Paradiso staff promised to keep working together. They hoped to get more funding and support to help even more children with TB. And with that, they set off on their journey to make a difference in their communities.

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