In the pursuit to end TB in Malawi, Paradiso TB Patients Trust and government health officials in Dedza District forged a remarkable alliance. This collaboration, has become a cornerstone of systematic and effective work in the battle against TB. At the heart of this alliance, is the profound collaboration between Paradiso TB patients Trust and Dedza District TB Officer (DTO) Mr. Sausteni Mutharika. According to Mercy Jambani, District Coordinator for Paradiso, the coordination and cooperation with Mr. Mutharika have been instrumental in the success of Paradiso operations in Dedza district. Mercy, whose office was strategically located at the District Hospital next to Mr. Mutharika’s office, highlights the importance of the closeness of these two offices for quick referrals and the exchange of vital information. This working relationship extended to various activities, whether initiated by Paradiso or the district. In 2022, during the distribution of food to a Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB patient, Mr. Mutharika provided an ambulance to facilitate the activity, exemplifying the commitment of health officials to support the community. The DTO actively participated in the exercise alongside Mercy, demonstrating a hands-on approach to community engagement. During their visits to TB patients, Mr. Mutharika went beyond his role by providing encouragement and emphasizing the importance of medication adherence. This approach not only showed the commitment to patient welfare but also contributes to building awareness within the community about the significance of consistent treatment. Mercy Jambani expressed her admiration for Mr. Mutharika, stating, “The dedication and support received from the Dedza District TB Officer was invaluable. His active involvement enhances the impact of our operations, creating a positive effect in our ongoing efforts to end TB.” As Dedza District shows the power of collaboration, this partnership between Paradiso and government health officials serves as a model for effective community health initiatives. The united front presented by these dedicated individuals marks a significant step forward in the shared mission to eradicate TB and create a healthier future for the people of Malawi.

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