On Monday, March 21, 2020, Migowi TB Club marked World Stop TB Day in Malawi by providing support to seven needy TB patients at Migowi Health Center. Each patient received essential food items including 30kg of maize, ½ liter of cooking oil, 1kg of beans, 1kg of sugar, and salt. This support was made possible through contributions from volunteers and the sale of maize harvested in the 2021 farming season. Remarkably, 98% of the support came from volunteer contributions. In his remarks, the District Nutrition Coordinator for Migowi Health Center commended the volunteers for their timely support, emphasizing its potential to improve drug adherence and treatment success rates. He pledged continued support from the District Health Office and highlighted the importance of conducting nutrition assessments for all supported clients, urging Paradiso’s assistance in implementing this. Despite their limited resources, Migowi TB Club volunteers demonstrated remarkable dedication by contributing funds to assist needy patients. Their collective efforts underscore the club’s commitment to reaching, treating, and curing every individual affected by TB, despite challenges. Through their invaluable support, Migowi TB Club volunteers have played a vital role in advancing our mission to combat TB.

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