First Lady Monica Chakwera Hosts Luncheon for TB Survivors at Kamuzu Palace

On the 30th of April 2024, Her Excellency First Lady Madame Monica Chakwera graciously hosted a luncheon at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, inviting 100 TB survivors to share their stories and advocate for increased support for TB and leprosy programs. The event, held in the front gardens of the palace, was a colorful and heartwarming affair. In her speech, the First Lady expressed gratitude for Paradiso’s dedication to supporting TB survivors, the First Lady emphasized the importance of disseminating information to rural communities. She noted that lack of awareness often hindered people from seeking TB screening and treatment, urging NTLEP to ensure that mobile vans reach remote areas to facilitate screenings. Furthermore, the First Lady called upon all Malawians, particularly those in urban areas, to actively share TB information with their rural relatives and provide support in accessing healthcare services. She emphasized that increased dialogue and awareness are essential in combating TB and reducing stigma within communities. Speaking at the invent, Dr. James Mpunga the program managers of NTLEP highlighting a 45% funding gap for TB and leprosy programs indicates a pressing need for increased financial support to effectively combat TB. Furthermore, Mrs. Sitingawawo Kachingwe, the Board Chairperson for Paradiso TB Patients Trust, highlighted the persistent issue of discrimination against TB patients and survivors, emphasizing the enduring social stigma surrounding TB. She stressed that addressing discrimination is crucial to promoting an environment of inclusivity and support for TB survivors, empowering them to pursue treatment and engage fully in society without facing prejudice. The luncheon served as a platform to raise awareness and advocate for greater support for TB and leprosy programs. Through compassion and commitment, the First Lady has emerged as a champion for TB awareness, locally, regionally, and globally.

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