Kapiri TB Club’s visited three elderly people from one family in Chembe Village Traditional Authority Dambe in Mchinji. This visit happened on April 27, 2022, aimed at assisting these three elders who have health problem of blindness and face challenges in finding daily necessities. Among the family members, one was battling tuberculosis while undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS. However, their health was deteriorating due to the lack of adequate nutrition since TB requires health and nutritious meal every day. This lack of proper food was exacerbating their health problems, making it even more challenging to manage their conditions. Another member of the family had been fighting cancer for the past four years. The toll of the illness was evident in their weakened physical state, compounded by the aftermath of a robbery that left them with additional physical limitations. Their struggle to walk independently symbolized the immense challenges they faced on a daily basis. Moved by empathy and a deep commitment to community well-being, the Kapiri TB Club extended their support to these individuals in need. Their visit was not just about offering physical assistance but also about providing emotional comfort and understanding. By listening to the stories of each family member, the club members gained insight into the interconnectedness of health issues and socio-economic factors. This visit served as a reminder of how external circumstances, such as theft, can exacerbate the already challenging journey of individuals facing health adversities. It underscored the importance of holistic support systems that address not only medical needs but also social and economic challenges. As the Kapiri TB Club continues its noble mission of caring for the community, it is a reminder to everyone to take part in helping those in need around us. It also highlights the invaluable role that community support plays in helping individuals navigate through the complexities of health challenges and other hardships.

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