In the pursuit of excellence and accountability in the year of 2021, Paradiso TB Patients Trust undertakes quarterly supervisory visits to districts, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data while fostering mentorship and collaboration. Led by a dedicated team including Limbani Mbetewa, the Programs Manager, Davie Zenengeya, the M&E Officer, Fred Kaliati, the Quality Assurance Officer, Thandie Msukuma, the District Co-ordination Manager, and Mathews Zulu, the M&E intern, these visits are instrumental in enhancing district performance and supporting volunteers.

These supervisory visits serve multiple purposes, from cross-checking monthly data collected by coordinators to assessing the performance of clubs and coordinators themselves. The team also provides guidance and mentorship, identifying strengths and weaknesses to bolster collaboration between volunteers and health personnel. Conducted during the first week of each quarter, these visits ensure accurate reporting and enable timely intervention and improvement strategies.

The impact of these supervisory visits is evident in the evolution of data collection practices among volunteers. From the last validation of 2021, significant improvements have been observed, particularly in Dedza, Dowa, Zomba, and Neno clubs. Dedza, Dowa, Zomba, and Neno clubs have made notable strides in data capturing and recording, while Phalombe and Mchinji clubs have maintained consistent performance. However, Lilongwe district faces challenges due to its vastness, prompting collaborative efforts to devise strategies for improvement.

Remarkably, enhanced data capturing by volunteers has not only benefited Paradiso but has also positively influenced health facilities, leading to improved reporting of referral sources. This demonstrates the ripple effect of Paradiso’s efforts in strengthening data management systems across the healthcare continuum. In addition to operational enhancements, Paradiso’s supervisory visits have facilitated board engagement and recognition of grassroots efforts. During the second quarter supervision in 2021, Mr. Mathias Chatuluka, the then board chairperson, personally witnessed the impact of Paradiso’s activities in Dedza and Dowa. His presence served as a morale boost for the clubs, inspiring them to continue their vital work and emphasizing the importance of documenting their progress.

As Paradiso continues its journey of empowerment and impact, these supervisory visits remain a cornerstone of its commitment to excellence and accountability. Through collaborative efforts and continuous improvement, Paradiso strives to ensure that no challenge is insurmountable in the fight against tuberculosis and the promotion of community health and well-being.

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