On 6 November 2023, Dr. Jamilah Meghji, a lung specialist conducting research on Post-TB Health Programs, visited the lung rehabilitation program at Ngwenya TB Club. During her visit, she actively participated in lung rehabilitation exercises, engaged in discussions with TB survivors, and shared insights and knowledge in the field of Post-TB Health with the Paradiso staff. During interactions with participants, it was observed that even after successful treatment for TB, patients often experience lingering health issues as their lungs may not fully return to their normal structure. Survivors of TB commonly face challenges such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, swollen limbs, and general discomfort. In some cases, these conditions worsen to the extent that survivors struggle to carry out daily tasks effectively. Recognizing the ongoing health needs of TB survivors, Paradiso has initiated a lung rehabilitation project aimed at assisting individuals experiencing these post-TB health challenges. The project operates in various TB clubs across Lilongwe, Dedza, Phalombe, Mchinji, Neno, and Zomba. Through targeted exercises and support, the program aims to help survivors rehabilitate their lungs and limbs, improving their overall quality of life. After hearing the remarkable outcomes reported by TB survivors, Dr. Jamila recommends the integration of the lung rehabilitation project as a crucial component in addressing the post-TB lung issues that often arise following treatment. Advocating for its widespread implementation, Dr. Jamila suggests that Paradiso extend the reach of the program to encompass all TB clubs within the districts where the organization operates. By doing so, Paradiso can ensure that individuals across these communities receive the essential support needed to overcome post-TB health challenges and regain their quality of life

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