Under the umbrella of the LHI grant, Paradiso TB Patients Trust runs various programs, one of which is focused on Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in communities. Through this initiative, Paradiso aims to support the wellbeing of these children by addressing their educational, nutritional, and social needs. Among the programs, OVC stands out as a pillar of hope for hundreds of children in need. Paradiso extends a helping hand to pay school bills and fees, provide food support, and offer other essential assistance. Over 200 students have benefited from this program, with many achieving remarkable success in their academic and personal lives. One such success story is that of Tawonga Nyirenda, a young woman whose journey with Paradiso began in her primary school years. Tawonga faced the harsh reality of losing both her parents at a tender age, leaving her with no means to continue her education. As financial struggles loomed over her, Tawonga’s dreams of pursuing a brighter future seemed distant. However, Paradiso emerged as a lifeline for Tawonga, offering support throughout her academic journey. From primary school to tertiary level, Paradiso ensured that Tawonga’s school fees were paid, and her educational expenses were taken care of. With this vital assistance, Tawonga persevered through adversity and pursued her dreams with determination. Today, Tawonga stands as a shining example of the transformative power of support and opportunity. Armed with hard working and commitment to her education, Tawonga has overcome obstacles to become a medical doctor. Her journey from a vulnerable child to a skilled professional is a testimony to the impact of Paradiso’s OVC program. Presently, Tawonga is fulfilling her role as a medical doctor in Lesotho, Thanks to the support of Paradiso’s OVC program, Tawonga’s life has undergone a profound transformation for the better. She now not only meets her daily needs but also enjoys a life of fulfillment and opportunity. Paradiso’s OVC program has a lot of impact on the lives of vulnerable children. By providing essential support and nurturing potential, Paradiso enables children like Tawonga to overcome obstacles and reach their fullest potential. Through dedication and support, Paradiso continues to uplift and empower children paving the way for a brighter and more promising future for generations to come.

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