In our ongoing mission to empower communities and foster accountability, Paradiso TB Patients Trust undertook a targeted training initiative aimed at enhancing the financial management skills of its club members in 2021. Led by Income Generating Manager Emily Phiri and Finance and Admin Manager MacNithy Kachepa, the two-day training session proved to be a significant moment for participating clubs. Recognizing the importance of proper bookkeeping and documentation, Emily and MacNithy identified a need for additional support among some clubs. They selected a mix of top-performing clubs and those requiring additional guidance, totaling ten clubs for the training. With the support of the programs team representative and district coordinators, the training sessions were conducted at local health centers. This not only saved costs but also facilitated collaboration with health personnel, who play a crucial role in supporting volunteers with report writing. The selection of clubs was strategic, including Chilobwe in Lilongwe for their innovative pig rearing income generating activity. Despite their success, they faced challenges in financial accountability. Similarly, clubs like Chioshya (Mchinji), Thonje, and Chankhungu (Dowa), Lisungwi (Neno), Matawale (Zomba), Nambazo and Gogo Nazombe (Phalombe), and Lobi and Boma (Dedza) were chosen for their performance in income-generating activities but lacked proper reporting methods. During the training, participants learned essential bookkeeping techniques and gained practical insights into effective financial management. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, they grasped the importance of accurate documentation and accountability in sustaining their income-generating projects. The impact of the training was evident as participants left equipped with newfound knowledge and confidence. Chilobwe in Lilongwe, in particular, saw a marked improvement in their financial practices, thanks to the tailored support provided during the training. Looking ahead, Paradiso remains committed to supporting its clubs in their journey towards financial sustainability and accountability. By investing in capacity-building initiatives like these, Paradiso ensures that communities are empowered to thrive and achieve their goals, one step at a time. Through collaboration, innovation, and dedication, Paradiso continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of those it serves.

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