Paradiso TB Patients Trust lung rehabilitation project is specifically designed to aid post TB patients. This initiative operates across various TB clubs in Lilongwe, Dedza, Phalombe, Mchinji, Neno, and Zomba, providing crucial support to patients with post TB disease and disabilities. The program consists of 24 sessions over 12 weeks, conducted twice a week, with a focus on improving the health of participants. Through rigorous exercises tailored to address their specific challenges, post TB patients witness remarkable improvements in their overall well-being. One of the beneficiary, Jackeline Khoza, shares her inspiring journey of recovery. Diagnosed with TB/HIV in 2004, Jackeline struggled with chest pain even after completing her TB treatment in 2005. Despite seeking medical help, her condition persisted, hindering her ability to lead a normal life and operates her business. However, upon joining Paradiso’s lung rehabilitation project and participating in the 12-week sessions, Jackeline experienced a profound transformation. She regained her strength, alleviated her pain, and regained the ability to engage in daily activities with ease. With newfound vigor, Jackeline revived her business, a feat she once thought impossible. Reflecting on her journey, Jackeline expresses gratitude for the positive impact of the rehabilitation exercises. “I was too weak to carry a basket of vegetables to the market,” she said. “I used to endure pain throughout the night, unbearable to make simple movements. But after joining these exercises, my health improved. I am now pain-free and back to running my business.” Jackeline’s life now shows the benefits of Paradiso’s lung rehabilitation project, demonstrating how targeted interventions can empower post TB patients to reclaim their lives and pursue their aspirations. Through continued dedication and support, Paradiso remains committed to fostering holistic healing and improving the lives of those affected by TB.

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