Islam Nadi, a 20-year-old young man, belongs to a single mother family of six children, where he is the second born. In January, he was diagnosed with TB and is currently undergoing treatment. Supported by Paradiso TB Patients and followed by volunteers from Ngwenya club, Islam’s journey towards recovery is a prove to the power of community support and resilience. It all began when Islam started experiencing chest pain and persistent cough. Worried about her son’s health, his mother took him to Bwaila Hospital, where he tested positive for TB. The hospital staff introduced them to Paradiso TB Patient Trust, and from there, volunteers began assisting Islam with social support and providing nutritional support. Despite the initial shock of the diagnosis, Islam and his mother found comfort in knowing the root of the problem and held onto hope for his recovery. Living off piecework, neither Islam nor his mother has stable employment. The illness disrupted their ability to earn a living, especially since Islam was too weak to work. However, with the treatment and support he received, Islam’s health began to improve. He regained strength and was able to return to his piecework in four months’ time. His mother ensured he takes his medication and eat properly every day. Interestingly, six years ago, the family lived with their grandfather, who had been diagnosed with TB but eventually recovered. Following Islam’s diagnosis, the family members underwent testing as part of the contact tracing process, but thankfully, they all tested negative. A lot of families battling TB face different challenges especially those reliant on daily wages for survival. However, through the combined efforts of community organizations like Paradiso and the support of family, Islam is on his way to recovery. With determination, support, and access to proper care, TB can be conquered, one step at a time.

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