On April 7th, 2024, Paradiso TB Patients Trust had the honor of welcoming esteemed visitors from IN BUT FREE in Zambia. This visit marked an exciting exchange opportunity where our guests delved into the inner workings of Paradiso, focusing particularly on our post-TB care, notably our renowned lung rehabilitation program. During their stay, our visitors had the chance to involve themselves in various activities, starting with participating in lung rehabilitation exercises at Ngwenya Rehabilitation Center. Witnessing firsthand the progress made by post-TB patients through these exercises, they were deeply appreciative of the improvements observed. Moreover, our guests engaged in insightful discussions with TB survivors who had undergone the rehabilitation exercises. These interactions provided invaluable insights into the challenges and successes of post-TB recovery. Continuing their journey, the visitors had the privilege of meeting with Ngwenya Club volunteers, who generously shared their experiences, highlighting both the successes and hurdles encountered in their noble work. The journey didn’t end there. Our guests also had the opportunity to meet with NTLEP, further appreciating the collective efforts in combating TB. The IBF visitors also visited Maula Prison, where they observed the handling of TB cases. With a focus on TB in prisons and refugee camps, IN BUT FREE commended our efforts and gained valuable insights into our operations. Going further into our community engagement, our guests observed Paradiso volunteers delivering health talks at Kawale Health Center. These discussions underscored our commitment to spreading awareness and empowering communities to combat TB. But the visit didn’t end there. Our visitors also went to see a patient in Area 24 who is being supported by Paradiso and followed by Ngwenya Club volunteers. They saw how our support helps people even after they leave the hospital. Notably, this exchange visit is a culmination of the enduring partnership between Paradiso and IN BUT FREE, which began with Paradiso’s visit to Zambia in 2017. This visit caused the start of the TB in Prison program, now a vital initiative operating within Zomba Prison. As we reflect on this enriching exchange, we are reminded of the power of collaboration in driving positive change. Paradiso remains committed to fostering partnerships and sharing knowledge to enhance TB care, not only locally but globally. Together, let us continue to build bridges and work towards a world free from the burden of TB.

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