The club in Phalombe housed at Migowi Health Centre has for a long time actively disseminated information about TB at health center and its catchment area since 2017. The club has been fortunate to be unanimousily accepted and their message well received by its patrons. Despite this warm reception, the club faced a challenging situation when they met a man who for a long time had been very adamant to not partake or allow any health messages in whatever form including those by Paradiso volunteers. The turn-around for this man was when he got ill and was not sure what was wrong with him. As luck would have it, a volunteer visited him and when he explained how he was feeling, the volunteer counselled him that it might be TB as he was showing one of the four cardinal symptoms of TB.


“I didn’t know what to do when I started feeling sick because I had no information on what it could be. Until a volunteer from Migowi TB club assisted me with TB information and transport to visit the health center. After submitting my sputum, I was diagnosed with TB and now I’m on treatment,” The man said. The man is currently on TB treatment and is supported by our volunteers with home visits and treatment support. His intentions are to join the TB club once he is cured.



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