Yamikani Nkhosa (standing) and Trenji Chimombo (sitting)

This is a story about Yamikani, a young boy who is currently staying with one of our volunteers Trenji
Chimombo, one of the volunteers from Ngwenya TB club in Lilongwe, Malawi. In 2019 Yamikani lost his
mother Getrude to TB. Trenji was looking after Getrude as she had challenges to find food due to her
sickness and stigma from the community.


After a while Getrude defaulted her medication because she could not bear taking TB drugs on an empty
stomach. However, Trenji, through her constant visits and counselling managed to bring her back on TB
treatment. Unfortunately, Getrude passed on later leaving behind 4 children. The two oldest got
married right after her death, leaving the two youngest unattended.


Yamikani remembered that his mother had been taken care of by Trenji. He went to her house to seek
help from her as he had no place to stay or food to eat. He had not seen his older siblings since the
mother’s burial. Trenji was compassionate and helped him with some food. When the food finished

Yamikani decided to return to Trenji for more help. This time Trenji decided to accommodate him at her
house because she knew that this little boy cannot go on like this on his own.


Yamikani has been living with Trenji ever since and she provides for all his basic needs. His relatives have
started visiting him now and then. Yamikani is ten years old now and is in standard 4 in primary school,
thanks to Trenji who works hard for her extended family.

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