Yamikani Nkhosa (standing) and Trenji Chimombo (sitting)

This is the story of Yamikani Nkhosa, a young boy currently staying with Trenji Chimombo, a volunteer from the Ngwenya TB Club in Lilongwe. Yamikani’s story began in 2019 when he lost his mother, Gertrude Nkhosa, to tuberculosis (TB). Gertrude faced severe challenges in finding food due to her illness and the stigma and discrimination from the community. Trenji, who had been looking after Gertrude, provided her with care and support. Gertrude struggled with her TB medication, often taking it on an empty stomach due to lack of food. Despite these challenges, Trenji’s constant visits and counseling brought Gertrude back to her TB treatment. Unfortunately, Gertrude passed away later in 2019, leaving behind four children. The children were left stranded, prompting the first and second born to get married soon after their mother’s death. The younger ones were left unattended, as their older siblings did not take them into their new matrimonial homes. In time, Yamikani remembered that Trenji had cared for his mother. Desperate and alone, he sought help from Trenji, as he had no place to stay or food to eat. He had not seen his older siblings since their mother’s burial. Trenji, moved by compassion, gave him some food. When the food ran out, Yamikani returned to Trenji for more help. Realizing that he could not survive on his own, Trenji decided to accommodate him in her home. Since 2019, Yamikani has been living with Trenji, who has become his guardian, providing for all his basic needs. Now ten years old and in standard 4 in primary school, Yamikani has found a safe and nurturing environment thanks to Trenji. His relatives, reassured by his well-being, have started visiting him at Trenji’s house occasionally. In addition to Yamikani, Trenji cares for nine children in total: her four biological children and four from her siblings. Despite the growing cost of living, Trenji works hard to support her extended family. She faces significant challenges, including inadequate uniforms, school bags, shoes, and stationery for the children. Nonetheless, Trenji continues to provide a loving and stable home for Yamikani and the other children under her care.

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