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The project “Post TB disability” in Malawi recently underwent an external mid-term review with
very positive findings. LHLI, Paradiso and NONM are very pleased, and proud. The locally
based pulmonary rehabilitation program was found to be particularly effective for people with
lung problems after having been cured of TB. For 12 weeks, two times a week, participants
gather for health information and physical exercises, together.

Physiotherapists measured variables at baseline and again at six and twelve weeks. The results
showed: Improvement in Cardio-vascular and respiratory fitness, in aerobic fitness, endurance
capacity and muscular strength. Significant improvements in the IRM (functional performance)
scores and improvements in morale and quality of life. In addition, reduction in blood pressure
and heart rate as well as reduction in dyspnea, chest pain and cough on exertion was
documented for all participants.

Several participants confirmed that the improved physical fitness allowed them to return to
employment – farming, small businesses. Below are some quotes from some of the participants.
“Before, I was feeling hopeless, the problems in my life did not go away, but I can cope better
now.” “My body ached the first day, but I got better and stronger. I also felt happier”
The PRP has now been rolled out to a total of nine health centres but the recommendation is to roll out

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